Carolinian Canada

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Grow Wild! in Carolinian Canada

Take the Next Step: Canada's Biggest Wildlife Garden

Take the In The Zone Challenge and help to grow Canada's Biggest Wildlife Garden! Thousands of volunteers and partner groups across diverse sectors, landscapes and communities are coming together to create a healthy habitat network of native plants across the Carolinian Zone.

Start with just one plant, grow a wildlife garden, or even plan a whole-yard makeover. Anywhere that you want to save, grow or care for native plants can be counted as part of Canada’s biggest wildlife garden – from a balcony pot to a yard to a field.

Take the Challenge - Register Your Garden Today!

Take the Grow Wild Challenge and pledge to do more for wildlife. Pledge to help nature by committing to a Habitat Action!  If you already Grow Wild, tell us your story!

Carolinian Canada is a natural treasure – a biodiversity hotspot for the nation, and we need your help!  Thousands of people are taking action here, at home and work, to slow the loss of biodiversity, a global threat to the planet’s health.  You can join us in 3 simple steps to healthy habitats.

Save Local Nature.  Explore, hike or paddle an EcoTrail and get to know your rare and wild neighbours. Steward Your Landscape.
Connect to habitat help for your urban or rural backyard or your community.
Seed a Native Plant.  Grow Habitat for local pollinators and other wildlife.

Make your actions count and green the future of Carolinian Canada!

Join the thousands who are participating in Grow Wild actions to help wildlife, rare species and healthy landscapes in Carolinian Canada. Let’s green the future together.

Learn How to Grow Wild! and Pledge or Share Your Story
Develop a Carolinian Habitat Action Plan for Species at Risk on Your Land
Use our Species at Risk in Action Education Kit
O'Neill Nature Preserve Seeks Good Friends and Neighbours
Lily of the Valley
Landscape to include native plants #RotaryEcoTrail
Watch for Wildlife! Join a Citizen Science Species Monitoring Program
Participate in a beach or trail clean up
Leave wildlife alone
Grow local, native plants
Support a conservation-related cause or organization
Explore the unique nature on your doorstep
Learn more about local nature by joining a nature club
Do not collect wildlife as pets
Help Track Elgin County's Amazing Biodiversity!
Volunteer to have your property surveyed
Take only photographs, leave only footprints
Care for natural rarities, species and habitats at risk
Leave a legacy by financially supporting a Land Trust or gifting a piece of your land
Donate your time for conservation

Carolinian Canada is a network of leaders growing healthy landscapes for a green future in the Carolinian Zone in the spirit and practice of reconciliation.

Carolinian Canada will make every effort to provide assistance making materials accessible on request. Contact for more information