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Who is part of this journey?

Our community is diverse including Indigenous communities, Native plant growers, Conservation groups, Land managers, Landscapers, Garden centres, Industry, Government

Our journey is aligned with global efforts to collect, grow, and store native plant seeds for restoration. What we learn in southern Ontario will inform a national seed strategy in Canada.  

The SOSS is a journey through many spaces including:

  • Traditional territories
  • First Nations communities
  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Globally rare plant communities
  • Healthy ecosystems with native plant communities
  • Native plant nurseries and seed orchards
  • Industrial Lands and Infrastructure Corridors
  • Recovering Landscapes
  • All landscapes, urban to rural

The SOSS is one of three key recommendations outlined in the Southern Ontario Nature Coalition’s (SONC) Near Urban Nature Network report. The Greenbelt Foundation has strategically invested in the SOSS project to protect biodiversity and value near-urban nature to strengthen climate resilient communities.

Connecting Community

The SOSS community includes many groups and individuals to create this journey together. Explore connecting and partner programs – 
Join the SOSS community. We are striving to work together in safe, ethical space to shift the conversation to focus on restoring our relationship with native plants and producing a collective strategy or ‘living document’ that is supported through regenerative practices that will hold us accountable for the protection and restoration of native plants.