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Use natural gardening techniques

Grow Natural

Using natural gardening techniques can limit negative impacts on the environment.  Chemicals don’t just rid your garden of weeds and pests, they can also kill native animals and impact the surrounding ecosystem.

  • Plant native plant species – These plants require less watering, fertilizers and pesticides than conventional garden stock.
  • Use natural fertilizers – Compost, bone meal, wood ash and other natural fertilizers will help restore the nutrient balance of your garden, without resulting in nutrient runoff from synthetic fertilizers.
  • Use natural pesticides – crumbled eggshells and certain herbs can keep away slugs and snails.  Create habitat in your garden for insect eating animals such as frogs, toads, birds and snakes.  They will help control the insects for you!
  • Use natural mulch – It will help keep moisture in the soil, which means less watering, and prevents weeds from growing.
  • Use natural weed control – pour boiling water on weeds instead of using chemicals.
  • Conserve Water - Collect water in rain barrels for watering your garden.
Western Chorus Frog - S. Gillingwater
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