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Explore Carolinian Canada

Many parks, conservation areas and trails across Carolinian Canada offer opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and our Carolinian wildlife. This list includes some of the more accessible locations.

Carolinian Canada Big Picture Habitats

In 2001, over 100 Big Picture Core Habitats were identified across Carolinian Canada within a network of natural areas, based on data from the Natural Heritage Information Centre and a committee of experts. Explore our Caring for Nature factsheets for 12 counties to find Big Picture habitat maps, sites to visit, volunteer opportunities and stewardship stories from local groups and landowners.

Explore the Fact Sheets

Carolinian Canada Signature Sites

In 1984, 38 sites were identified as critical natural areas in a study by the identification sub-committee of Carolinian Canada. Many of these sites are now owned by conservation organizations and can be visited today, and provide excellent places to explore Carolinian ecosystems.

Carolinian Canada, working with local partners, is placing permanent plaques at many of these 38 sites honouring efforts to protect the sites, assisted by the Trillium Foundation.

Click herefor more details of these 38 sites

National & Provincial Parks, Conservation Areas, Trails and Other Sites

National & Provincial Parks & Wildlife Areas

Many parks, conservation areas and trails across Carolinian Canada offer opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and our Carolinian wildlife. This list includes some of the more accessible locations. You can also purchase "The Hike Ontario Guide to Walks in Carolinian Canada" from your local bookseller or from Hike Ontario.

National Parks

Point Pelee National Park

National Wildlife Areas & Migratory Bird Sanctuaries

Five national wildlife areas and one migratory bird sanctuary are located in Carolinian Canada:

  • St. Clair
  • Long Point
  • Big Creek
  • Mohawk Island
  • Pinafore Park

View the Complete List of National Wildlife Areas and Migratory Bird Sanctuaries

For Information Contact Canadian Wildlife Service - Environment Canada

Provincial Parks

Twenty-one provincial parks are located across the Carolinian zone. These parks offer some of the best remaining Carolinian habitat left in the region. Hiking, boating, camping and nature walks are offered in the parks.

Check out Ontario Parks Park Locator to find a park near you

Provincial Wildlife Management Areas

Eleven provincial wildlife management areas are located in Carolinian Canada:

  • Aylmer
  • Beverly Swamp
  • Binbrook
  • Calton Swamp
  • Fingal
  • Long Point
  • Mud Lake
  • Stag Island
  • Valens Lake
  • Waterford Lakes
  • Willoughby Swamp

Contact the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry for more information

Conservation Areas

Conservation lands owned by the fourteen Conservation Authorities in the Carolinian zone include some of the best remaining Carolinian habitat and many rare Carolinian species. Each authority offers information on their lands. A guide to all conservation areas in Ontario can be obtained from Conservation Ontario.


Hiking and multi-use trails offer excellent opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and experience Carolinian habitats and species. The following organizations offer information on trails in the region. Many trails are also located on Conservation Authority lands and in provincial parks.

Carolinian Canada EcoTrails

Checkout Carolinian Canada's EcoTrails Program to see what we are doing with trail opperators on the ground

Trail Clubs and Associations

Other Sites

Many other parks and nature reserves are owned and operated by naturalist clubs, land trusts, Municipalities and other organizations. These are only a few of those.

Carolinian Canada is a network of leaders growing healthy landscapes for a green future in the Carolinian Zone in the spirit and practice of reconciliation.

Carolinian Canada will make every effort to provide assistance making materials accessible on request. Contact for more information