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Keep Wild Animals Wild

Do not collect wildlife as pets

Although it can sometimes be tempting to take a wild animal as a pet, did you know that it is illegal to take many of our native Ontario species into captivity?  This includes all Species at Risk, like turtles, as well as more common mammals like raccoons.  Educational institutions and zoos require permits from the Ministry of Natural Resources to keep these species.

If you find sick, injured or orphaned wild animals you should contact the Ministry of Natural Resources, or find an authorized wildlife rehabilitator who is trained in how to take care of these animals.

It is equally important to not release captive animals into the wild, whether they are native or exotic species.  Even if the animals seem healthy, they may introduce disease into the wild population.  And many exotic species are not adapted to this climate, and will not survive.

Spotted Turtle - S. Gillingwater
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