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Southern Ontario Seed Saver Tool

Restore the power of native seeds on the landscape through ethical seed saving

Wild, native seeds heal relationships with the land and bring many gifts to people. The flow of wild seed is a natural process that has been sustaining all life for millennia through nourishing the landscape, boosting resilience, and providing ecosystem services to communities. Through seed saving activities, like seed orchards or seed collection areas, we have the chance to harness the regenerative power of seeds and grow more native plants on the landscape in the spirit of reciprocity.

With the help of the Southern Ontario Seed Saver Tool, you can learn about stewarding seed orchards or seed collection areas at home, explore best practices, and connect with a seed saving community.

Whether you are new to native seed saving or already an expert, your participation will help you reach your goals to explore, start, or expand native seed activities.

Get Started

  1. Join the ITZ community at
  2. Submit or update your garden(s)/seed site(s) in the ITZ Tracker
  3. Access the Southern Ontario Seed Saver Tool

The Southern Ontario Seed Saver Tool can help you learn about the basics, evaluate potential seed orchard projects, and connect with experts or local groups. Through the tool, your seed story will be connected to others, so you can be a part of the Big Picture collective impact of native seed stewardship. All participants will receive a Seed Saver package with resources and opportunities upon completing the tool.

The tool will also show potential opportunities for new seed orchards and sources, building relationships between people and the land through reconciliation, protecting rare species, sustainable landscaping, green investment, and social enterprise.

Join the community and boost the impact of seeds!

Learn More

To learn more about seed saving and seed orchards, explore the following resources: