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Do Not Plant Invasive Species

Grow local, native plants

Since European settlement many plant species have been introduced into Southwestern Ontario.  Some of these non-native plants have become invasive in our native ecosystems.  About 50% of invasive plants in Canada have been introduced through the horticultural trade.  This includes species like periwinkle, ivy, goutweed, buckthorn and honeysuckle.

These invasive species are characterized by having high reproductive rates, fast growth, and they tend to create monocultures that inhibit the growth of other species.  Their native predators are not present to control them, and many of our native animals are unable to eat them due to their chemical defences.

Learn about what species are invasive, and avoid planting them on your property.  If you already have them, learn about the best methods of disposal.  Don’t compost them as they will continue to spread!

European Buckthorn - UTRCA
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