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My Wild Green Home is building a green community at home.

During the month of February, show some LOVE to your WILD green home! 

The February Prize Giveaway is now closed. If you have been selected for a prize, you will be contacted.

Prize Pack One: (Valued at $50)*
One Native seed packet
50 Booch giftcard (London)
*1 available, from London Environmental Network
Prize Pack Two: (Valued at $50)*
1 composter and 1 Blue Box
*1 available, from City of London
Prize Three: (Valued at $25 each)*
My Climate-Smart Wild Garden Kit
*15 available monthly, track your garden to apply
See the Giveaway Guidelines for complete contest rules and conditions.
Go on a wild adventure
Grow climate-smart yards
green your life and home

Explore this month's 10K Challenge Climate-Smart Passport.

Take the In The Zone Challenge!

Your garden can grow a green future for wildlife and people in your neighbourhood. Get Healthy Garden Points, join our community, explore nature, share your knowledge, help wildlife, and get climate-smart. Count your garden in today and start BEFORE you plant!

Visit Canada's Biggest Wildlife Garden

Visit Canada's Biggest Wildlife Garden