My Wild Green Home 10K Challenge & Giveaways

Count yourself in with 10,000 climate-smart wildlife lovers!

Take the 10K Challenge by exploring My Wild Green Home until March 2021.

Grow a Climate Smart Yard
GREEN your life and home

Explore Monthly Climate-Smart Passports!

Explore My Wild Green Home Climate-Smart Passports for a chance to win monthly prizes.

Each passport will take you on a virtual adventure through My Wild Green Home to GO, GROW, and GREEN with climate-smart exhibitor features from blogs to businesses. Plus get your healthy garden points with In the Zone.


PASSPORT 2. Climate-Smart Yards
Be a wildlife hero and get your free guides and healthy garden points for a climate-smart yard.


PASSPORT 3. Green is the New Black Friday
Build green community with healthy neighbourhoods and healthy landscapes.


PASSPORT 5. Make a planet-saving resolution.
New year, renewed goal to create climate-smart homes, gardens, yards and cities.


PASSPORT 6. LOVE your wild green home.
Plan climate-smart spring home & yard improvements.


Congratulations to the 10k Challenge Winners!

10k challenge participants who earned Healthy Garden Points with In the Zone between Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 (contests closed March 15, 2021) had a chance to recieve a number of prizes


The Zone's wildest expo goes virtual! Choose your own adventure to save the planet.

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