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Stay safe around stormwater management ponds

City of London

Stormwater is water from rain, snow, and ice melt. Managing stormwater, and where it goes, is important and helps reduce flooding.

Stormwater management ponds are helping keep homes dry, and it is important that Londoners stay safe around them. The ice may appear thick in some areas, but other spots may have little to no ice. This is because water continuously flows beneath the surface making these ponds unsafe skating and tobogganing. Please remember to stay off of these ponds.

A stormwater management pond is an engineered structure constructed to gather rainfall and surface water runoff. The pond temporarily stores water and then releases it at a controlled rate. A single pond can provide erosion and flooding control while enhancing water quality.

Through a combination of landscape and structural features, stormwater management ponds allow sediment and contaminants to settle out of runoff before it is released into a natural watercourse. Stormwater ponds also hold back water in order to release it at a controlled rate during large storms. Controlling the flow of stormwater protects downstream lands from erosion and flooding.

In addition, stormwater ponds are constructed to be an attractive feature with an environmental benefit. Stormwater management facilities are designed to be surrounded by natural vegetation and to provide habitat for birds and animals.

How can you help?

  • Do not skate or toboggan on stormwater management ponds.
  • Do not pour anything down the catchbasin that you would not want in a stream or river.
  • Properly dispose of pet waste.
  • Recycle and safely dispose of hazardous waste such as used oil, paint, paint thinners, and batteries.
  • Use eco-friendly salt alternatives for melting ice and snow.
  • Do not release unwanted household fish, game fish or aquarium pets into the pond (contact pet store where purchased or The Ministry of Natural Resources for proper disposal).
  • Drain pools and hot tubs only after they are free of chemicals and salt.
  • Use a commercial car wash or use eco-friendly car wash soap, and ensure your vehicle is not leaking fluids.

For more informaiton visit:

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