Carolinian Canada

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How Will CCC Assist You?

 The Landowner Leaders Program provides landowners with the opportunity to make a greater impact as a good steward, link to priority habitat goals in the Big Picture, and implement a Carolinian Habitat Action Plan (CHAP) for your property.

As a Landowner Leaders member of Carolinian Canada Coalition you will have access to unique resources- our staff as well as volunteers skilled in species identification and inventories.  These resources will be vital in implementing your CHAP. 

Carolinian Canada Coalition staff will assist you throughout the CHAP process. We will link you to available resources and expertise. 

Our network partners can provide technical assistance, as well as help to access financial support to complete your project.

We will recognize the valuable work you are doing for the environment, highlight you as an exemplary conservation citizen and link you with aspiring Landowner Leaders to share your experiences.

 Ron Gould and Bernie Solymar      Caveney's at Meadow-woods



Carolinian Canada is a network of leaders growing healthy landscapes for a green future in the Carolinian Zone in the spirit and practice of reconciliation.

Carolinian Canada will make every effort to provide assistance making materials accessible on request. Contact for more information