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From grassroots to government, Coalition members are leaders on the landscape. We focus on effective solutions for complex conservation challenges. We are science-based,
community-oriented, cost-effective, positive, proactive and ready to get ourhands dirty.

All Carolinian Canada Coalition memberships require approval from the Board of Directors and allow one vote per member. We have two classes of membership: Group and Individual

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Carolinian Canada Group Members

Connect. Leverage. Grow.

Sign on to the Big Picture Vision.

Canada’s biodiversity hotspot needs a Big Picture vision and coordinated action among thousands. We’re planning long-term with partners who want to grow a healthy ecoregion in Canada’s vibrant and threatened deep south.

Carolinian Canada members help to advance the Big Picture conservation strategy in the Carolinian Zone and thereby support / promote healthy ecosystem principles to:

  • Save – protect existing native biodiversity and natural ecosystems
  • Steward – use best ecosystem practices across the whole landscape
  • Seed – grow native plants to increase good quality habitat

Group Members with Benefits

Count Yourself In. Carolinian Canada Coalition Group members are recognized as Big Picture partners for a healthy ecoregion. Group members also get free / subsidized opportunities to participate:

  • Go Wild Grow Wild booth – premiere nature expo for Canada’s deep south
  • Native plant source registration – reach a targeted audience
  • Year-round outreach to thousands - in person and mobile-friendly
  • Special event invitations – forum, workshops, webinars
  • Professional development and networking opportunities- the place to connect
  • Stewardship and in-kind resources – partnership opportunities
  • Big Picture Services - ecological assistance

Group Member Levels

Super Canopy Member – Support a green future

  • Super-Canopy – Visioning - $5,000
  • Super-Canopy - Leading - $ 2,500
  • Super-Canopy – Emerging - $ 1,000

Canopy Member – Join the Coalition

  • Canopy - Collaborating - $ 500
  • Canopy – Participating - $ 250

Seedling Member – Networking – Welcome! $ 100.00

Program Member – You are making things happen! – activate your membership - $0

  • Go Wild Grow Wild Exhibitor - registered this calendar year
  • Event sponsor - contributed this calendar year

To apply for heritage or subsidized memberships contact Carolinian Canada

Individual Membership

Our individual members are growing a healthy ecoregion. Donors at previous levels will be recognized as members.

Membership by Donation

Benefits of making an individual donation include Carolinian Canada Coalition annual membership, recognition, participation in the Big Picture Strategy and a charitable tax receipt.

Family Memberships

Family members can be added at a suggested donation of $25. Please indicate in the notes section the names and email addresses of relatives included in the membership,to get separate voting rights. If you would like to use one donation form for an entire family, please use the notes section to provide the names and email addresses of each family member donating.

Big Picture Legacy Circle

  • Big Picture Protector – $5,000.00 or more
  • Visionary Patron - $1,000.00
  • Nature Backer - $500.00
  • Sustaining Sponsor - $250.00
  • Carolinian Canada Friend - $100.00 or monthly donation
  • Legacy Friend – Please contact us to plan a future donation, bequest or memorial donation

Carolinian Canada Supporters

  • Supporter - $50.00 ($25.00 for each additional family member)
  • Student Supporter - $25.00

Professional Membership

Individuals may access Group benefits by joining Carolinian Canada as a Professional Member starting at $100. No charitable tax receipt is issued.

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Carolinian Canada will make every effort to provide assistance making materials accessible on request. Contact for more information