Climate-Smart Passport 3 | Green is the New Black Friday | Carolinian Canada
Support Local Green Businesses Through the Holiday Season

My Wild Green Home is building a green community.

This Black Friday - GO climate-smart this by supporting local GREEN businesses and services.

Plan ahead with your local native plant nursery and order your plants you will GROW for the coming spring.

The November Prize Giveaway is now closed. If you have been selected for a prize, you will be contacted.

Prize Pack One: (Valued at $100)*
One Native seed packet
One On the Move Organics gift card (see route availability)
One Plant Matter Kitchen gift card (London)
*1 available, from Londen Environmental Network
Prize Pack Two: (Valued at $50)*
One Composter
One Recycling Bin
*2 available, from City of London
Pickup at City of London EnviroDepots
Prize Three: (Valued at $25)*
My Climate-Smart Wild Garden Kit
*15 available monthly, track your garden to apply
See the Giveaway Guidelines for complete contest rules and conditions.
Go on a wild adventure
Grow climate-smart yards
green your life and home

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Thank you to our climate-smart community!

Thousands of community members used the Monthly Passports for Climate-Smart Giveaways, and hundreds entered the 10K Challenge Contest!

Didn't enter the contest? No worries, you can still explore the Climate-Smart Passports

Each passport will take you on a virtual adventure through My Wild Green Home to GO, GROW, and GREEN with climate-smart exhibitor features from blogs to businesses.

link to 10k challenge