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How to participate in developing London's Climate Emergency Action Plan

The City of London is moving to the next stage of development of the Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP) and your input is essential. The City now needs your input and assistance to evaluate potential actions, identify ones that have been missed or need to be changed and cultivate or strengthen relationships to ensure that the implementation of this plan is successful. 

There are a few new ways that you can participate in this process to help develop London's CEAP.

  1. Quick idea sharing From now until the end of 2020, questions will be posted to Get Involved, allowing you to provide feedback on the specific item. This is the least amount of time required to have your voice heard and all comments will be incorporated when considering potential actions related to the question's focus.
  2. Feedback Form (until December 31, 2020) - A list of high level actions to potentially be included in the CEAP are presented here, separated into categories related to how we live, move, grow, green and prosper. This feedback form will be used to rank potential actions that have been identified. We will update this in November with any new actions that have been suggested through the first month of engagement, so if there are actions you think should be included that you don't see here, please share with us.
  3. Discussion Primer (coming soon) - This document details the potential high level actions and some supporting actions that could be included in the CEAP. If you want to provide detailed feedback on how important each high level action is and want to weigh in even further to provide input on supporting actions to achieve the high level action, this feedback channel is for you. It is estimated that 30-60 minutes might be required to go through everything, but if there are only specific components you want to provide feedback on, you can take less time to do so.

In addition to the feedback channels here on Get Involved, there will be other ways to provide your input in the months to come:

  1. eDemocracy Climate Action Simulator (coming soon) - This interactive tool will help you understand and choose a mix of actions to help us reach our 2030 GHG emissions target. Feedback from user input to this tool will be used to understand how Londoners feel about different actions and how much priority and effort should be invested in different areas.
  2. Direct Consultation Meetings (coming soon) - City Staff are making themselves available to businesses and organizations in the City that wish to speak directly to specific issues and take an active role in the plan's creation and/or implementation. If you or your organization would like to meet, please send a request to (External link) to get the conversation going. These meetings will be held online through MS Teams or Zoom.

If you have any other ways you'd like to engage (e.g. you have a community group meeting you'd like to have a facilitated discussion at), please let us know via email.