My Wild Green Home 2020 | Carolinian Canada
My Wild Green Home
photos: Lisa Mason

My Wild Green Home 2020


Go Wild Grow Wild Green Expo goes virtual in 2020.
Share your wild green ideas below

Get interactive with 10,000 people  
in an exciting new virtual green space 
with loads of local and live content over 8 months
plus 20 community events

Share your message. Expand your network.   Showcase your group. Join our community of 150+ exhibitors since 2015.
Connect - Engage – Inspire
 *Coming Soon* EXHIBITOR BENEFITS *Coming Soon*

Attend the expo from your couch. Show your planet some love. Meet local wildlife. Grow a climate-smart yard. Browse the Green Market. Get a Wild Child Passport.  

Share your opinion.  Help us co-develop this new virtual green space. How can we grow a healthy planet at home?

New to the community? Explore what is being planned.
A Vision for My Wild Green Home - April 2020

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Thank you to our climate-smart community!

Thousands of community members used the Monthly Passports for Climate-Smart Giveaways, and hundreds entered the 10K Challenge Contest!

Didn't enter the contest? No worries, you can still explore the Climate-Smart Passports

Each passport will take you on a virtual adventure through My Wild Green Home to GO, GROW, and GREEN with climate-smart exhibitor features from blogs to businesses.

link to 10k challenge