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1984 Carolinian Canada Sites
The 1984 Carolinian Canada Signature Sites

In 1984, 38 sites were identified as critical natural areas in a study by the identification sub-committee of Carolinian Canada. These sites total 40,800 acres hectares in area. Since 1984, conservation efforts in Carolinian Canada have been directed towards securing these sites through a number of mechanisms that included purchase, municipal designation, landowner contact and private stewardship, and education and public awareness.

A land acquisition and stewardship program from 1987-1992 secured over 15,000 acres through voluntary agreements with landowners. This landowner contact program was an innovative, ground-breaking program that spawned many subsequent such initiatives. A further ~2,000 acres was purchased for conservation. Today a total of 14,500 acres of the sites is owned by conservation groups. These sites are managed by different conservation organizations and by private landowners for conservation purposes.

Under a new Community Marking Program, Carolinian Canada is honouring efforts to conserve these sites by placing permanent plaques to celebrate these conservation efforts.

Carolinian Canada is celebrating conservation efforts at many of the 38 Carolinian Canada sites by erecting distinctive permanent plaques at these locations. The Carolinian Canada sites were identified for their natural values but it is really thanks to human efforts that these sites have persisted. Through this Community Marking Project we are honouring people who have protected this legacy and providing an enduring reminder of conservation success.



Through the Big Picture Project Carolinian Canada has adopted a new conservation vision of an integrated natural heritage network that connects and enhances these islands of green.

Site Names:
  1. Rouge River Valley
  2. Iroquois Shoreline Woods
  3. Sassafras Woods
  4. Beverly Swamp
  5. Dundas Valley
  6. Grimsby-Winona Escarpment and Beamer Valley
  7. Jordan Escarpment Valley
  8. Caistor-Canborough Slough Forest
  9. Fonthill Sandhill Valley
  10. Willoughby Clay Plain
  11. Point Abino Peninsula Sandland Forest
  12. Sudden Bog
  13. Grand River Valley Forests and Spotiswood Lakes
  14. Six Nations Forests
  15. Embro Upland Forest
  16. Oriskany Sandstone and Woodlands
  17. Delhi Big Creek Valley
  18. St.Williams Dwarf Oak Forest
  19. Big Creek Valley - South Walsingham Sand Ridges
  1. Dorchester Swamp
  2. Skunk's Misery
  3. Catfish Creek Slope and Floodplain Forest
  4. Port Franks Wetlands and Forested Dunes
  5. Ausable River Valley
  6. Plum Creek Upland Woodlots
  7. Shetland Kentucky Coffeetree Woods
  8. Sydenham River Corridor
  9. Walpole Island
  10. Lake St. Clair Marshes
  11. Sinclair's Bush
  12. Ojibway Prairie Remnants
  13. Canard River Kentucky Coffee-tree Woods
  14. Big Creek Marsh
  15. Oxley Poison Sumac Marsh
  16. Cedar Creek
  17. Middle Point Woods
  18. Stone Road Alvar
  19. Middle Island
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