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Caring for Nature Habitat Factsheet Series

The "Caring for Nature" Factsheet Series are colourful, informative guides for landowners and communities. The publications feature local landowners who are leaders in managing the valuable and unique natural heritage of the Carolinian region. They also explain how land managers, including farmers, are protecting the health of local communities by conserving habitat.

To be distributed throuhgout rural communities, there will be one Factsheet published per county.

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Land Stewardship

Six land stewardship fact sheets have been created to help guide stewardship of Carolinian species, habitat and landscapes. Hard copy sets are also available at a cost of $0.50 each, or $2 for a complete set.

Identifying Carolinian Canada Indicator Species
Certain species that are characteristic of the Carolinian zone can be identified to help you appreciate the uniqueness of Carolinian ecosystems and your land. This fact sheet lists some of the species of plants and animals that are commonly described as 'Carolinian species'.

Appreciating the Uniqueness of Carolinian Canada
The Carolinian life zone is a unique occurrence in Canada. With it's high levels of biological diversity and rare combination of climate and geography, Carolinian Canada is a uniquely significant region.

Carolinian Canada and the Environmental Farm Plan Program
Farmers participating in the Environmental Farm Plan Program will find it complimentary to the Carolinian Canada Program. The Environmental Farm Plan Program has been developed by four provincial farm organizations known as the Farm Environmental Coalition. It is based on a workbook containing 23 different worksheets covering every topic related to the farm environment, from storage of pesticides to control of soil erosion.

Planting Guidelines for Plants and Shrubs
One of the most practical conservation projects landowners in the Carolinain zone can undertake is the planting of trees and shrubs to enhance the natural environment on their land. Many rural landowners are already planting windbreaks, areas of marginal or erodible land, and buffers along streams and ponds. This fact sheet provides some principles to remember in order to keep these plantings as natural as possible.

Sources of Native Stock for the Carolinian Zone
Conserving species in Carolinian Canada means not only protecting existing natural areas, but actively replacing habitat where we can. We can use this process of ecological restoration to enlarge natural areas and provide connections between them. A critical aspect of restoration is the use of native plant species that are naturally adapted to their local area.

Ecological Woodland Management
The woodlands of Carolinian Canada are one of its most valuable natural resources from an ecological point of view, and deserve careful protection. The first you can do as a woodlot owner is to get to know your woodlot, and appreciate the ranage of species living there.

Additional Fact Sheets and Resources

Carolinian Issues and Facts

This four page fact sheet was developed to explain how the conservation of Carolinian Canada relates to larger scale issues such as climate change and global biodiversity. The role of the Carolinian Canada Coalition is also explained.

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Carolinian Canada: Ontario's Southern Paradise

"Carolinian Canada: Ontario's Southern Paradise" is an Ontario Nature (formerly Federation of Ontario Naturalists) Family Nature Note that describes the unique Carolinian flora, fauna and habitats for kids and families.

Cost: $1.00

The Big Pictre: Conservation, It Can be Done Tabloid

The Big Picture Tabloid describes Carolinian flora, fauna and their plight. It also explains the conservation work that is currently being undertaken by conservation groups, farm organizations, and other concerned citizens to help conserve habitats.

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