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Carolinian Canada's Deep South EcoTrail Network

EcoTrails are places to connect...

nature, community and a healthy future.

Explore local treasures.  Share with neighbours.  Grow Wild for healthy habitats.

EcoTrail hosts who own and manage trails and wayside stops in this growing network invite you to visit. 

Each EcoTrail celebrates the unique nature of Canada's deep south.  

Spot a turtle.  

Visit a showcase garden.  

Add your story.  

Take-home an idea for your backyard. 

Tread lightly, and you'll come away more firmly rooted with a sense of place.

Our EcoTrail Network is starting to grow across Carolinian Canada.

Explore EcoTrails across Carolinian Canada 
Visit one of our pilot EcoTrails

Share Your Trail
Learn more about adding your trail to the EcoTrail Network

Grow Wild at EcoTrail Events
Upcoming workshops, tours, webinars for trail stewards - explore and share ways to strengthen connections to your trail as a green community hub

Visit the Erie Coastal Stewardship EcoTrail
Explore the hidden treasures of Canada’s south coast through Carolinian Canada's first EcoTrail initiative. 

From Essex to Niagara, Lake Erie’s 600 km shore reveals little-known riches from globally rare species to world biosphere habitats.

Rotary EcoTrail Tour (Bronwen Buck)

Randall Van Wagner leads a tour of the Rotary EcoTrail in Chatham. Credit: Bronwen Buck