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Carolinian Canada’s Ecosystem Recovery Program: Collaborating for a Healthy Ecoregion


Big Picture Vision

Conservation Action Plans

Stewardship: Caring for Habitats

Landowner Leaders

Best Practices

Corporate Partners


Past Programs

including the Erie Coastal Stewardship EcoTrail

Elgin Natural Heritage Inventory


My Wild Green Home

Go Wild Grow Wild Expo

Grow Wild!

Social Marketing

Youth Programs

Biodiversity Awareness Trails

Ecosystem Recovery Forum 2013

Carolinian Canada's Programs Start With Ecosystem Recovery

For 30 years, Carolinian Canada has been working to preserve, restore and enhance the diversity of species and ecosystems of the Carolinian life zone, Ontario's most threatened ecological region.  Our Ecosystem Recovery Program integrates a number of initiatives to support our “Big Picture" Vision of habitat cores and corridors.  We use sound science and innovative conservation tools to help communities rebuild these natural heritage systems—the hearts and lungs of a vibrant, healthy landscape.

Our work spans communities and sectors, linking local grassroots organizations, businesses, municipalities, and a range of higher level government programs and international initiatives.  Major Ecosystem Recovery Program projects include development of the Carolinian Woodlands Recovery Strategy and community-based Conservation Action Plans for biodiversity hotspots.  The program includes many interrelated components such as: an annual Ecosystem Recovery Forum, Grow Wild!, Best Practices for Habitats and Species, engaging Youth, and Landowner Leaders.

Through these integrated, collaborative approaches we increase the effectiveness and efficiency of everyone’s conservation efforts.  Please follow the links on this page to find out more about what we are doing across the zone and in your area!