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Youth and Educators

Carolinian Canada Coalition is dedicated to growing youth leaders in Carolinian Canada. We support an number of youth focused initiatives, including: Youth Leaders Logo


CSI: Carolinian Student Intern Program

Aimed at linking on-ground stewardship needs to university research and student work experience, the Carolinian Canada Student Intern program matches student interns with stewardship employers. Carolinian Canada Coalition coordinates the program, supported through university partnerships.

Internships are currently available through the University of Waterloo Faculty of Environment (UWFE) and the University of Western Ontario Masters in Environment and Sustainability, in partnership with employers in government agencies, businesses and non-government organizations. Student interns undertake research and stewardship relating to the Carolinian Life Zone of southwestern Ontario, coastal ecosystems and Species at Risk.

Stewardship training and employment opportunities are provided by employers and cost-shared with the Faculty. For each year, three four-month work terms are available.

Learn more, or apply for an intern or an internship.



Photo: Sarah Hodgkiss

Species at Risk in Action Education Kit

Are you a teacher? Would you like to learn how to teach your students about local biodiversity? Download Carolinian Canada Coalition's Species at Risk in Action Education Kit. This Kit will:

  • Connect students with their local environment
  • Connect students with the ideas and tools that will allow them to make long-lasting changes in their school, home and community
  • Challenge students to think about how they can be part of the solution instead of focusing on the problems
  • Empower students to care for the vulnerable species in their local area
  • Provide students with new perspectives and ideas towards achieving ecological sustainability and biodiversity

The Kit provides teachers with background knowledge, current and locally connected lesson plans, extensions for further learning, and all the support materials to deliver the lessons.

Learn more about and download the Education Kit.

Species at Risk in Action Education Kit

Grow Wild! Bootcamp

This one-day workshop was designed by an outdoor educator and provides high school students with fun and interactive programming focused on southern Ontario’s Species at Risk. Through presentations, games, and discussions, youth will learn more about the importance of biodiversity in the Carolinian Life Zone.  This workshop will provide a platform from which students can jump-start their own campaign to inspire others to take action and get involved.

Find out more about the Grow Wild! Bootcamp and check out the agenda.

Grow Wild Bootcamp Participants

Species at Risk Camp

Getting hands-on experience with reptiles at risk from Sciensational Sssnakes. Learning about light pollution and the importance of dark sky preserves for wildlife and humans. Sharing stories about habitat actions that they have taken to help species at risk in their home communities. These are just a few of the exciting activities undertaken by teens at Point Pelee this summer. Thanks to a partnership with Parks Canada our 5th annual Species at Risk Camp allowed Ontario Stewardship Rangers and Bkejwanong EcoKeepers to explore rare Carolinian habitats, learn how to take on new habitat actions and meet with leaders in the conservation field.

Learn more about the Species at Risk Camp and Stewardship Rangers

 photo:  Sandy Clipsham

Youth Summit for Biodiversity and Environmental Justice

Every Year Ontario Nature holds their Youth Summit for Biodiversity and Environmental Justice which brings young leaders together to connect, inspire, and learn from each other and experts in the fields of biodiversity and environmental justice. Carolinian Canada Coalition is proud to sponsor one youth participant each year to attend the summit.

Read about past Sponsored Participants

Ontario Nature Youth Summit 2012

Carolinian Forest Festival

The Carolinian Forest Festival is a three day event that teaches grade 6 and 7 students the importance of the Carolinian Life Zone, forest ecosystems, species at risk, stewardship and conservation, and climate change through hands-on, interactive activities linked to the Ontario Curriculum.  The goal of the Festival is to allow students to connect and relate to their local natural environment while motivating behavioural changes and encouraging students to become good land stewards.  Carolinian Canada Coalition participates in the festival yearly.

Learn more about the Carolinian Forest Festival.