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The Great Pawpaw Parade 2023

This year's Pawpaw Parade will Distribute 500 Trees!

October is Pawpaw month - in the spirit and practice of reconciliation, we are inviting both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people to help bring the pawpaw back to southern Ontario.

This year is bigger than ever! Carolinian Canada has invited 20+ Groups and Organizations to host the parade in their communities. If you would like to apply to adopt pawpaws or a Native Plant Garden Kit, apply below and pick a local group as your pickup location. Submit your story, and you may be selected to receive either trees or a kit!

Want to secure some Pawpaws and still give back to the Parade? Watch for this year's Pawpaw Popup Shop fundraiser - we will be selling a small number of trees to help fund the Pawpaw Parade.

The 2023 Pawpaw Parade will: give away 100 pawpaw trees in pairs and singles (for lonely Pawpaws!), 50 Healing Gardens Native Plant Garden Kits, and over 100 trees to Indigenous groups and communities.

See the giveaway guidelines for complete details

Committed to Supporting Indigenous Groups and Communities

Each year, the Pawpaw Parade has visited different Indigenous communities across the Carolinian Zone. Carolinian Canada is committed to supporting communities and groups from previous years, and we are always expanding to working with even more Indigenous communities and groups.

How do I Get Involved?

Thank you to Everyone who Participated!

Thank you to our Pawpaw Parade Supporters