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Seed Orchards with Native Plants in Claremont

In this video, Rob Messervey from Native Plants in Claremont shares insights about seed orchards, explaining why they are important and what their nursery is doing to establish seed orchards and meet demand for native plants. 

About Native Plants in Claremont 

Native Plants in Claremont is a nursery devoted to the increased awareness and restoration of Ontario's native plants and their habitats, growing a diversity of quality native plants and to providing an enhanced retail experience for customers. Native Plants in Claremont was opened in 2006. Proprietor Karen Abrahams and husband Rob operate the nursery with knowledgeable employees and share the love of Ontario's natural areas and native flora with native plant gardeners across the Greater Toronto Area. 

Duffins Creek flows through their 15-acre nursery property, conveniently located in Ontario's Greenbelt land in picturesque Claremont (north Pickering). 

At Native Plants in Claremont, they specialize in seed grown native perennial wildflowers, grasses and shrubs. They harvest seed locally and sustainably, work to establish their own stock based on distinct populations, and always search for new sites to prevent inadvertent selection within their plant stock. Their nursery's Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices help plants grow and stay healthy naturally. They regularly monitor plant health and diagnose problems. Their IPM strategy focuses on preventative measures. When necessary, they intervene to control pests and disease using organic and biodegradable products. They supply plants to conservation organizations, wholesale customers such as landscapers and nurseries and to the public for their home gardens.