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Seed Saver Training: Episode 6

As a part of the Southern Ontario Seed Strategy (SOSS), this 6-part video series features seed experts and knowledge keepers as they share some of their best practices for seed saving. 

If you are new to native seed saving, these videos will provide an opportunity for you to hear from experts and become inspired to start connecting with native seed. If you are already familiar with native seed saving, these videos may show you more specific tips and tricks to help your current seed practices thrive. 


Episode 6: Restoring Relationships to the Land 

In this episode, learn from Terrylynn Brant, Traditional Mohawk Seed Keeper, as she shares traditional knowledge, stories, and perspectives of the responsibilities, relationships, and reciprocity to the Earth and to native plants on the landscape. 

  • 0:13 – Connections and responsibilities to plant life 
  • 1:38 – Paying attention to the cycles of the Earth 
  • 2:32 – Indigenous worldview that plants have freedom to exist 
  • 3:39 – Problems with modern seeds  
  • 4:46 – Returning native plants to the land 
  • 6:05 – Gardening with long-term perspective 
  • 8:31 – Beyond the Three Sisters gardening practice 
  • 9:15 – Importance of Indigenous worldviews for food security  
  • 13:44 – Haudenosaunee ethic of compassion to feed people 
  • 14:30 – Restoration and reciprocity 
  • 16:41 – Message to new gardeners to start small 


What is seed saving? 

Seed saving refers to activities that help scale up the protection and expansion of native seed sources. Many experts and professionals practice seed saving activities, such as tending to seed orchards or collecting native seeds. Seed saving is important because one native plant has the potential to produce hundreds or even thousands of seeds, carrying valuable genes into the future, but millions of plants are needed to support a healthy, resilient landscape. 

Working in partnership with native plants, each of us can help safeguard the seeds that are key to a healthy landscape now and for future generations. 


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