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Virtually everyone that enjoys the outdoors “loves Nature”. Some of us are lucky enough to have captured the emotion in a photo…whether you consider yourself a photographer or just someone in the right place at the right time who thought to snap a photo. You have some favourites, squirreled away in your computer, maybe printed and displayed where you live…a treasured reminder of the appreciation you have for that moment, that place and that environment.

The Carolinian Canada Coalition has an ongoing need to share that appreciation of Nature, to strengthen society’s resolve to care for the natural systems that support our lives. Every day (and evening) we encourage stewardship of our shared Life Support System. We know from that experience that a truly excellent photo is indeed worth more than a thousand words. You know the impact that your favourite photos have had on your acquaintances. Imagine what we could do with it!

Here is an opportunity for you to contribute to the long term conservation of Nature. We invite you to loan us your best photos, to help us motivate others to protect what sustains us.

We encourage the donation of photos throughout the year. Annually, we select the very best photos in various categories and recognize the donors online.

Your commitment and our appreciation

We know that these photos are treasured by you. You appreciate the opportunity that was provided for you to capture that instant, as well as appreciate the effort and skill that may have been required to obtain the photo. We can make the best use of photos that we are free to use for the purposes of conserving Nature (described in the CCC vision and goals). The best donation you can make will give us that long term capability. We can also accommodate some restrictions on that use if you feel it is necessary (i.e. provision of copyright to CCC for a specific number of years). Similar to organizations that receive donations of money, we will have a “donors list”, but of course in addition we will often feature photos in a wide variety of venues along with giving credit to you as the outstanding photographer. If you need an additional incentive, we annually select the best photos that have been submitted in the previous year and recognize the photographers with prizes.


Read all about the prizes for the 2019 contest.

Thank you to our sponsor for 2019, Camera Canada:

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