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Contest Rules

Photo Criteria

All photos must be of species and landscapes that occur in the Carolinian Zone of Canada. Photos should illustrate the Vision, Mission and Mandate of the Carolinian Canada Coalition (the hosts of Go Wild Grow Wild). If you need a reminder of the boundaries of the Carolinian Zone, click on this link to a map. The subjects of the photos are expected to include:

  • Biodiversity, that is the animals, plants, insects, landscapes, physical features (air, water, soil, etc.) of the Carolinian Zone, including threats to it
  • People and their relationship with the biodiversity


The Go Wild Grow Wild Photo Competition is open to all photographers that are residents of Ontario. People that have been directly involved in operation of the competition (i.e. employees, volunteers and Board Members and the immediate family and individuals living in the same household as these people) are not eligible. The photographer must own the photograph that is being submitted. Carolinian Canada Coalition reserves the right to verify, in its sole judgement, entrant eligibility. Void where prohibited. All photos must comply with the Criteria.

Photos for the juried selection by the panel of judges must be digital and of high resolution (greater than 2 MB in size). All entrants must first agree to allow Carolinian Canada Coalition to use their photos. Photos submitted to the Go Wild Grow Wild Facebook page for the Best Expo Photo category are exempt from these resolution and usage requirements

NOTE: photos of species must be species that exist in the Carolinian Zone. It is not a requirement that the photos were actually taken within this zone, since that is too difficult to enforce, however photos will be carefully scrutinized to eliminate any photo that appears to not be representing a location in the Carolinian Zone of Canada. Thus the basic Contest rule is carefully worded, “All photos must be of species and landscapes that occur in the Carolinian Zone of Canada.”

You can learn more about the Carolinian Zone of Canada here


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