Go Wild Grow Wild Expo 2016 Workshop Schedule Available! | Carolinian Canada

Expo 2016 Workshops, Interactive Exhibits, and Activities

Checkout the fantastic lineup of workshops, exhibits, and activities from last year's Expo. Stay tuned for upcoming Expo 2017 activity schedule!

Exploring the Great Outdoors

Adam Shoalts, author, adventurer

Called `Canada`s Indiana Jones` by the Toronto Star and named one of the greatest living explorers by Canadian Geographic. Adam Shoalts is a professional explorer, adventurer, and best selling author of Alone Against the North (Penguin 2015). Come hear his tales of exploring the unexplored.

Getting Started in Bird Watching

Paul Nicholson, Birding and nature columnist for The London Free Press and Postmedia newspapers

Have you wondered about how to get started in bird watching? Or have you wondered how to “Go Wild” and grow your interest from backyard birding into something bigger, here’s your chance to pick up some tips to make your experience enjoyable, not frustrating.

Growing Wild Edibles

Lorraine Johnson, author

Join acclaimed author and garden guru Lorraine Johnson for a workshop on edible native plants to grow in your garden. By growing these delicious plants native to the region, you'll not only be creating habitat in your patch of green space but also nurturing tasty treats for your dinner table. Become an urban forager...at home.

Bats in Ontario

Dr. Brock Fenton, professor, University of Western Ontario

Check out the diversity of bats in Ontario and learn about their evolution, biology and behaviour. Let your perceptions of these creatures of the night be challenged.

Join the BioBlitz

Dave Ireland, Director, Royal Ontario Museum and Chair of BioBlitz Canada

Find out how you can become involved in cataloguing species to provide a snapshot of biodiversity of a particular area. A BioBlitz brings together taxonomic experts, citizen scientists and the general public to inventory all species (plants, animals, fungi and more) in a particular area over a 24 hour period. Listen and find out how you can contribute to important scientific research!

Connecting with Nature Through the Ancient Art of Forgaing

Stephen Hotchkiss, the New New Age

Once a quintessential human skill, foraging for food is now largely a relic of the past. However, obtaining sustenance directly from the land offers opportunities to connect with and appreciate the wonders and abundance of Nature. We will explore the myriad edible fruits, nuts, mushrooms, herbs of Carolinian Canada as well as identification, harvesting and preparation methods.

Get Ready to Canoe

Pippa Creery, Dragonfly Paddle

Get ready to take advantage of the open waters of Carolinian Canada! Attend this workshop to prepare for your water adventures this summer.

Learn to Camp for Families

Mountain Equipment Co-op, MEC

Have you ever thought about camping overnight but don't quite have the knowledge to do it? Come join us for some fun filled activities to help you survive an overnight camping trip.

Survive in the Wild

Mike Lothrop, Grand River Primitive Skills

Stranded in the wild? Need some survival skills. Come and be amazing as you see a fishing line and hook made before your eyes and other methods to help you survive in the great outdoors!


Mountain Equipment Co-op, MEC

Get lost easily? Find out how to navigate the backcountry using a GPS.

Climbing Wall

Junction Climbing Gym

Get ready to scale those rocks in the great outdoors. Come test your skills with our indoor climbing wall.

Woodworking for Wildlife

Home Depot, Bird Studies Canada, Toronto Zoo

Do you want to complement your outdoor space by attracting wildlife? Learn more about and build for bats and birds.

Ask a Landscaper

Native Plant Landscapers

Bring your photos, sketches and questions to experts in the native plant gardening field as they guide you towards creating your own backyard oasis for wildlife.

Ask a Nature Photographer

Nature Photographers

Ever wondering how to attract and photograph your backyard birds? Bring your cameras or smartphones and learn from the pros on how to capture the perfect freeze frame.

Get Ready to Bike

Mountain Equipment Co-op, MEC

Check out the latest road and mountain bikes and find out how to tune them up for the open road awaiting you this spring

Raptors All Right

Canadian Raptor Conservancy

Not a sports team or extinct dinosaur, but a flight show to introduce you to Ontario’s birds of prey – hawks, eagles, falcons, owls and vultures.

Reptiles at Risk

Sciensational Sssnakes

Get an up close look at native reptiles to help dispel myths and find out what you can do to help in their recovery.

Nature Storytime

Frank Glew, author

Connect with nature through the magic of Storytime. Join children’s author Frank Glew for some interactive stories about the amazing creatures in his picture books.

Creating Your Own Pollinator Habitat

Narcise Datura

Learn more about how to attract and sustain native pollinators like bees and butterflies with plants and other habitat features in your backyard and even on your balcony!

Container Gardening Anywhere

Beautiful Edibles, Jana Keller

Find out about the endless options for container gardening. Learn how you can grow your groceries organically as close to your kitchen as possible – indoors and outdoors!

Let’s Talk Seed

Kim Delaney, Hawthorn Farm Organic Seeds

Come and learn about the world of seeds. See how to save your vegetable, flower and herb seeds using simple techniques. It doesn’t matter if you have a pot of tomatoes on your balcony or a farm field to work with, come participate in this age old skill.