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Lake Erie North Shore StandUp Fundraiser

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thanks to everyone who joined the challenge!

The Lake Erie North Shore Standup was a challenging, 25-km open water paddleboard adventure along some of the most beautiful and popular stretches of the Lake Erie coastline.  

This event was organized by an independent volunteer group.  Explore their website to find out more.

Proceeds from the event supported Carolinian Canada's Erie Coastal Stewardship EcoTrail — promoting biodiversity, stewardship and enjoyment of Canada's south coast.

Starting point: Nickel Beach, Port Colborne

End point and beach party: Crystal Beach, Fort Erie

Your Donation will help bring the Erie Coastal Stewardship Eco Trail to Life!

Not a paddler but still want to learn more about the coast? 

Cheer the paddlers on, then take a tour of Marcy's Woods and the Shagbark Nature Trail

Thanks to our partners at the Bert Miller Nature Club, suppoters could sign up for an expert-led tour of coastal natural treasures happening at the same time.

They could learn about what it takes to restore dunes, build a Chimney Swift Tower, plant a meadow with native wildflowers and help bluebirds raise their young. This was an chance to get an insider’s perspective of the dunes at Nickel Beach (paddleboard launch site), Marcy’s Woods and the Shagbark Nature Trail.  


Paddler Ivan Dimic sent us this Google Map charting the route

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