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My Wild Garden Party

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Grow Canada's Biggest Wildlife Garden, together. Volunteer at home to save local wildlife.

It's easy and fun.

Share your photos, inspiration, sightings, questions, seeds, tips about growing native plants for wildlife. We welcome newbies, experts, observers, Landowner Leaders. Find out why native plant gardeners are so passionate!

To get started, calculate your Healthy Garden Points at

Join our growing community of 3000+ volunteers and get free Wildlife Garden guides. You can start with a pot, a garden or a field.

DYK that pollinators need native plants to survive? They are the building blocks of the life support system of the planet. What you plant matters!

Get in the Zone!

The Carolinian Zone is currently home to 10 First Nations who have thrived on this landscape for centuries. The My Wild Garden Party Facebook Group strives to support Indigenous leadership and reconcile people and ecosystems for a green future, together.

We grow Canada's Biggest Wildlife Garden in the Carolinian Zone from Toronto to Windsor to save 500 + rare and endangered species... but, we welcome you from anywhere. Habitat loss is a global problem and everyone can help everywhere.

Growing Canada's Biggest Wildlife Garden is good for people, too. Grow your own natural escape to support a healthy neighbourhood and United Nations goals like protect drinking water for 11 million people in the great lakes basin, grow climate-smart landscapes for 25% of Canadians, support regenerative agriculture and kick-start a green economy.

We focus on 4 key actions for healthy ecosystems and climate-smart yards:

  1. Save local nature
  2. Steward healthy landscapes using best practices
  3. Seed and grow native plants everywhere
  4. Lead the way to a green future in your community

The My Wild Garden Party Facebook group is curated by Carolinian Canada and will provide opportunities and special offers for group members to make a bigger impact together. The first step is to count yourself in at

We can't wait to see you in the group!


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Take the In The Zone Challenge to Grow Canada's Biggest Wildlife Garden

Your garden can grow a green future for wildlife and people in your neighbourhood. Get Healthy Garden Points. Join community. Explore nature. Share. Help wildlife. Get climate-smart. Count your garden in today. Start now BEFORE you plant.

Visit Canada's Biggest Wildlife Garden

Visit Canada's Biggest Wildlife Garden