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In My Backyard

The following chapters profile selected species in the major habitats across Carolinian Canada. We hope this will inspire you to find out what you have in your backyard, on your property, down your street, or in your community. This publication is by no means a complete account and species status changes constantly. Use the links provided to get the latest information or more detail about something that might look familiar to you. The plants and animals you save today, will be the natural wonders of tomorrow.

  1. Reaching for the Sky ~ Woodlands, Forests & Swamps
  2. Get Your Feet Wet! Marshes, Bogs & Fens
  3. Rock It! Cliffs & Alvars
  4. Shifting Sands ~ Beaches, Dunes, Spits & Sandbars
  5. Wild, Wild West ~ Prairie & Savannah
  6. Nature @ Home ~ Shrublands & Grasslands
  7. Threads of Life ~ Rivers & Floodplains


Carolinian Canada Coalition 2009

Content based on 2004 guide by Michelle Kanter, Dave Martin, Veronique LeHouk, and Jane Bowles

Many Thanks to Photographers who donated their work for this project:
Jane Bowles, Allen Woodliffe, John Ambrose, Scott Gillingwater, Ben Porchuk, Rob Willson, Mathis Nativik, Shawn Staton, David Mihilik, Joe Milner, George Brackx, Kevin Railsback, Hamilton Conservation Authority, Essex Region Conservation Authority, Margaret Pickles, Leora Berman, Donald Kirk, Upper Thames River Conservation Authority, Larry Lamb, Peggy Hurst, Michelle Kanter, Gregory Peck, Jim Flynn and Rick Battson. 

Thanks also to expert support from Dan Kraus, Mike Nelson and Paul Smith.

 Assistance for this project was provided by the Ministry of Natural Resources.


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