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Wildlands League

Two calf moose stand by the shore of a lake in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario. They are surrounded by green foliage, with larger trees in the background. The calf in the foreground is chewing on vegetation.

Wildlands League is one of Canada’s pre-eminent conservation organizations. We protect wilderness. We collaborate with communities, governments, First Nations, scientists and progressive industry to protect nature and find solutions that work for the planet and for all. We are a not-for-profit charity that has been working in the public interest since 1968, beginning with a campaign to protect Algonquin Park from development.

We are policy experts standing up for wildlife and standing with communities. We tackle irresponsible development that threatens precious rivers, lakes and wildlife habitat. We give voice to Canada’s nature to make sure at least half of the country is protected forever for all our kids, for climate and for the planet.

The global climate and biodiversity crisis, and Covid-19 have all highlighted the need for urgent action to protect nature. Wildlands League has an important mission in the landscape of environmental protection in Canada, and globally, for the future of our planet.

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