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Thames Talbot Land Trust

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Protecting, restoring, and nurturing environmentally significant lands to ensure a better, greener future for generations to come.


We are a London-based environmental charity dedicated to the protection of lands and waters with significant natural, scenic, or agricultural value. We acquire land through donation, purchase, or conservation easements to restore and maintain its ecological integrity. Species at risk monitoring, invasive species removal, planting native plants, and prescribed burns are some of the many restoration activities that take place on our properties. We also offer a variety of events, workshops, and programs throughout the year to engage with and educate our community.

Many of our properties are part of the Carolinian Zone, which covers less than 1% of Canada’s land area, but is the most biodiverse region. Currently, we protect over 1700 acres of land and over 45 species at risk across Middlesex, Elgin, Perth, and Oxford Counties.

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