Parks Canada Agency

Protecting Canada’s natural beauty and cultural identity for over 100 years

World leaders in the protection of extraordinary natural and cultural places, Parks Canada welcomes visitors to enjoy our sites while raising awareness and appreciation for present and future generations.

Our Role

  • We are guardians of the national parks, the national historic sites and the national marine conservation areas of Canada.
  • We are guides to visitors from around the world, opening doors to places of discovery and learning, reflection and recreation.
  • We are partners, building on the rich traditions of our Indigenous Peoples, the strength of our diverse cultures and our commitments to the international community.
  • We are storytellers, recounting the history of our land and our people - the stories of Canada.

Did you know: Parks Canada protects two pockets of Carolinian Forest! The first and more widely known site is Point Pelee National Park in Leamington, Ontario which is also the southernmost point of mainland Canada. The second is Fort George and the Niagara National Historic Sites in Niagara-on-the-Lake, a military post that defended Upper Canada during the war of 1812.

Learn more about Parks Canada locations near you and across the country by folloing the links on the right hand side of our page. 

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Visit Canada's Biggest Wildlife Garden

Visit Canada's Biggest Wildlife Garden