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The SOSS is heading to Washington!

We are excited to announce that the Southern Ontario Seed Strategy (SOSS) team from Carolinian Canada is heading to Washington, D.C., to present at the U.S. National Native Seed Conference! 


National Native Seed Conference 

The National Native Seed Conference will be a space for multiple sectors to connect on their work in partnership with native seeds and plants, including representation from Indigenous nations, research, industry, land management, and restoration. Spanning 3 full days of talks, workshops, poster presentations, and networking opportunities, many topics will be discussed, such as wild seed collection, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, climate change, rare species conservation, and more. The conference will take place from March 27th to 30th, 2023. 


Sharing the SOSS Story 

At the conference, the CC team will be giving a presentation on the SOSS story. Our team will share key learnings and experiences from the SOSS relating to approaches to working together rooted in ethical space. The presentation will also shine a light on southern Ontario to share the great need for a seed strategy in this important region for biodiversity. 

The U.S. National Seed Strategy has been a valuable resource and inspiration to the SOSS collective. The conference will provide opportunities for our team to network and foster relationships to the U.S. strategy partners and beyond. We look forward to learning from our colleagues who demonstrate leadership in this work by continuously innovating for the protection of native seeds.  

The SOSS has grown and developed out of a safe and ethical space framework, and we are excited that the U.S. National Native Seed conference will include space for this story and process to be represented and shared. We hope to inspire meaningful change and to challenge our colleagues to commit to Indigenous truth and reconciliation. 


Stay Tuned for Learnings and Reflections 

Follow along with our social media during the conference week, March 27th to 30th, for updates and stories from Washington! 

Stay tuned for a collection of post-conference learnings, stories, and reflections from the CC team – coming soon in early April.