Greenbelt Foundation Supports the Southern Ontario Seed Strategy


April 20, 2022 — The Greenbelt Foundation has announced their targeted investment in three new Ontario
projects that address key recommendations of the Southern Ontario Nature Coalition (SONC),
to protect biodiversity where it is most at risk and value the ability of near-urban nature to
strengthen climate resilient communities.

Projects include a native seed strategy from Carolinian Canada, the establishment of important
connectivity lands around Rouge National Urban Park from Wildlands League, and a project
from Ontario Nature that assesses municipal and conservation authority lands towards
Canada’s 2025 Protected Areas.

"This investment strategically supports projects that address recommendations from SONC’s Near-Urban Nature Network: A Solution to Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss - Final Report, published in July of last year." - Greenbelt Foundation

“Growing healthy landscapes for climate resilience, biodiversity, and people across southern Ontario means we need to protect and grow more native plants. We recognize that Indigenous peoples have a fundamental connection with native plants and so building partnerships to develop a seed strategy for the region is an important aspect of the reconciliation process. We are grateful for this support from the Greenbelt Foundation to co-create a seed strategy that will help us work together to heal the land.” - Michelle Kanter, Executive Director, Carolinian Canada 

Greenbelt Foundation is a charitable organization, solely dedicated to ensuring the Greenbelt remains permanent, protected and prosperous. We make the right investments in its interconnected natural, agricultural, and economic systems, to ensure a working, thriving Greenbelt for all. Ontario's Greenbelt is the world's largest, with over two million acres of farmland, forests, wetlands and rivers working together to provide clean air, fresh water, and a reliable local food source.

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