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There are so many reasons to get outside and ride your bike! For one, cycling already aligns with physical distancing recommendations. But did you know that cycling can transform the world? Choosing your bike over your car can help to:

  • Reduce air pollution (especially CO2 and NOx, two common GHG’s from vehicle exhaust)
  • Reduce noise pollution (no motors, no problem!)
  • Reduce time spent sitting in traffic
  • Boost your physical health
  • Reduce demand for road widening, parking lots, and the raw materials for car production
  • Boost social connection and use of shared public spaces
  • Save money! Once you get your bike, you never need to worry about paying for gas or any other car maintenance fees.

How to Ride a Bike

ABC Safety Check Under 5 Minutes!

Watch this tutorial from London Cycle link to learn how to complete a bike safety check before you ride.

London, ON Cycling Map 

Check out the City of London's Bike and Walk map here.

London Bicycle Cafe’s All-Ages-And-Abilities Bike Routes is a great resource for family-friendly routes, click here to view the map and plan your trip!

Car vs Bike Calculator

How much CO2 could you save by swapping your car for a bike in your daily commute? Use the Omni Car vs. Bike Calculator here to find out. Then, start cycling!