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Climate Action Plan Simulator

The City of London has proposed a more-aggressive long-range greenhouse gas reduction goal for both municipal operations and the community as a whole to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

We are seeking your help to create a Climate Emergency Action Plan that will, by 2030, cut approximately 1 million tonnes of greenhouse gases from the over 3 million tonnes that London is currently emitting. London’s Climate Emergency Action Plan will also include many actions to adapt to a changing climate to help make London more resilient to extreme weather events. These actions will be organized around the same five main types of actions used to develop The London Plan:

  • How we Live
  • How we Move
  • How we Grow
  • How we Prosper
  • How we Green

This Climate Action Plan Simulator tool will focus primarily on the need to reduce GHG emissions. Using this tool, you can explore ideas and discover the most popular course of action to reduce our GHG emissions by 1 million tonnes by 2030.

Human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels (e.g., gasoline for vehicles and natural gas for heating) and organic waste breakdown are the primary causes of climate change. Deforestation and agriculture practices are also important causes globally, but this Climate Action Plan Simulator will be focussing on reducing fossil fuel use and organic waste here in London.

It can be overwhelming. The science is complicated. The economics are complicated. The conversation is complicated. And what is still largely missing in the story is the voices of ordinary citizens.

By participating in this process, you get to consider both community-scale opportunities for change as well as personal opportunities. The goal is for us as a community to find solutions that have the broadest support as well as to figure out where there is room for improvement or a need to reconsider. This engagement process is completely private and your name will never be attributed to your answers or be visible to anyone.

Like climate change, creating our carbon budget plan is a puzzle and one that we are being given the chance to figure out together.

Widespread participation is very important to the creation of a fair and broadly supported plan. It is also important that everyone, not just the people that are already involved in climate actions, whether personally or globally, understands what is happening, why it is happening and what we all need to do together to stop this crisis.

Climate Action Plan Simulator Tool 

The intent of this tool is for you to learn more about London’s greenhouse gas emissions and how we can make the best plan possible to reduce them. Using the Climate Action Plan Simulator you will be able to create your own plan to reach London’s climate goals. It’s a bit like a game where you actually get to trade off which actions you believe will work the best for London and then figure out how best to implement them. Asking questions about how difficult actions are, how effective they are and how we are going to pay for them, you will be able to give feedback to help shape which climate solutions are prioritized and help to ensure programs that are implemented are fair, effective and broadly supported.

Start your own plan to reach London’s climate goals here.

Get involved and share your feedback. 

Climate Action Plan Simulator Tool 

Climate Emergency Action Plan


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