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Exhibitor Profile: Tree Climbing Canada

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

TREE CLIMBING CANADA is Canada's first and currently only GOTC (Global Organization of Tree Climbers) recognised Facilitator/ Instructor.

Tree Climbing Canada is a Recreational Tree Climbing Company/ Organization.  We are the voice of recreational tree climbing in Canada and we also offer adventures and experiences in the treetops, with the use of a rope and harness.

Tree climbing is the newest, fastest growing experiential, educational, recreational nature activity.  Recreational Tree Climbing is done with Arborist ropes and harnesses, utilizing time-tested, safe techniques and facilitators highly and specifically trained to conduct tree climbing programs.

We offer our programs, where ever there are trees and permission to access them.  Currently, we are at several locations throughout Carolinian Canada / Southwestern Ontario and also have  the ability to be a completely mobile operation, offering opportunities in your own back yard!

Please visit us at TREE CLIMBING CANADA on most social media outlets and visit our website at www.treeclimbingcanada.ca.

We can also be contacted by phone 519-718-TREE (8733)

Thank-you for your interest in TREE CLIMBING CANADA!

Into Trees!

Andrew " flying squirrel" Swannell

ISA Certified Arborist

Owner & Facilitator / Instructor

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