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Stop Garden Escapees

Landscape to include native plants #RotaryEcoTrail

Forest Bullies: Mean, Green and Unleashed in the Wild

Lily of the Valley, English Ivy and False Lamium. They are attractive and popular choices for the shade. But when they escape from gardens, they wreak havoc.

Invasive plants reproduce quickly, choke out competition and thrive in disturbed soils.  They eliminate food, block sun and limit habitat for forest wildlife. Because most invasives are imported from other countries, they easily establish here and have no natural preditors. If these bullies of the plant world take over the O'Neill Nature Reserve, they pose a serious threat to the plants and animals who make this place special. 

A Simple Solution

Landscaping to include native foliage is a great design choice. These plants keep your garden on-trend and offer a host of benefits.

Native plants have been here long before European contact, co-evolving to meet the needs of native wildlife. They provide healthy food and habitat for birds and mammals, require little watering and help preserve the heritage of the landscape.

Friend or Foe? Beware of invasives who are already gaining a foothold in this nature reserve (top row). Make smart choices by choosing  friendly native groundcover options for your yard (bottom row).

 Invasive species native species



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