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The Go Wild Grow Wild #CarolinianLove Photo Contest

The 2018 Photo Contest has ended! Thanks for all the amazing photos!

If you often find yourself wishing that you could do more than donating money, but don't have the time or skills to be more active in environmental conservation, here is a great way to make a difference! Let us use your best photos of the "outdoors" in Carolinian Canada's ongoing work to sustain biodiversity. In our publications, websites and presentations we need photos that indeed are worth a thousand that show the value, the beauty and the inspiration of our natural life support system. Lend us your photos and we will take it from there, and you can watch to see how your photo helps to motivate others to care for what sustains you.

Photos should show species and/or landscapes of the Carolinian Zone and perhaps people enjoying or being good stewards of the environment. Review the Contest Rules. Pick a category (or leave that to us). Submit your photos. It's that easy. We will recognize all "donors" and we have awards for the best photos. 2018 prizes were very generously provided by Camera Canada.


2019 contest rules and prizes have not yet been released. Please subscribe to our mailing list to get the latest contest information as it is released

Thank you to our sponsor for 2018, Camera Canada:

Camera Canada

If you would like to sponsor this initiative in future years, or perhaps be a contributing partner, please let us know. Contact

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