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Give to Grow Healthy Landscapes

Your Donation Makes an Impact

Every day, Carolinian Canada works in collaboration with individuals, organizations, and communities to grow healthy landscapes, reverse biodiversity loss, and strengthen climate resilience in the Carolinian Zone. As a donor, you are a partner in helping to increase our collective impact for nature.

Your partnership is an act of reciprocity to the land and is essential to help protect and restore habitat for all the plants and animals that belong here and the people that call this region home.

Join this partnership today and choose one or more ways you can help heal the land.

Ways to Give

Carolinian Canada partners with CanadaHelps to process your donation. You will receive your annual tax receipt at the end of the year.

New: Indigenous Leadership Pillar Student Bursary

Support the future of environmental conservation by empowering Indigenous leadership. Your donation helps provide crucial bursaries to Indigenous students pursuing careers in environmental fields.

Donate Monthly

Your monthly commitment will help heal the land by providing ongoing, efficient and dependable support to the work of Carolinian Canada.

One Time Gift

Your donation will help heal the land by supporting the work of Carolinian Canada.

Become a Member

Join the Carolinian Canada Coalition's Membership Program as an Individual or Group and become an integral part of our conservation community!

Make a Legacy Gift

When planning your estate, consider giving a legacy gift that will carry your impact and dedication to healing the land into the future.


Donate Securities

Donating securities and mutual funds is a strategic way to share your wealth with nature and grow your impact, allowing you to give without paying capital gains taxes.

Make a Tribute Gift

Pay tribute to a special person and give a gift in their honour. Tribute gifts are a wonderful way to celebrate a love of nature for a birthday, holiday, special occasion, milestone, or in memory.