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Ecosystem Recovery Webinars

2015 Webinar Fees
Cost per webinar: $25.00
Four Series Package: $80.00
Carolinian Canada group and professional members
receive complimentary Ecosystem Recovery Webinar

Please Note: Dates for upcoming webinars have changed.  Stay tuned to this page to get the most up to date webinar dates.

The Ecosystem Recovery Webinar series is an educational and engaging series designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of the staff and volunteers of conservation organizations.

  • Meet experts and colleagues on-line to discuss hot topics in ecosystem health
  • Strengthen your assets through training and knowledge sharing
  • Exciting and engaging series of six one hour sessions
  • Webinars will cover a range of topics from communications, engagement, planning, metrics and evaluations
  • Participation in the Ecosystem Recovery Webinar series is free to Carolinian Canada Group and Professional members

Collaborating for a Healthy Ecoregion

2015 Introductory Webinar Schedule

Group Memberships get in Free! Carolinian Canada Group Memberships include free access to all Ecosystem Recovery Webinars. If your group has a membership and you would like to attend the webinar, please contact your administration to obtain the webinar discount code. Any number of representatives from canopy member groups are welcome to join. Seedling member groups are limited to one free attendee per webinar. If your organization has not yet received the code, contact

note: Individual members who join via charitable contribution are not eligible for a discount for Carolinian Canada events and materials by law.

The Big Picture Report Card
Get involved in tracking the progress of the Big Picture collaborative conservation strategy
Presented by Jarmo Jalava

Leading the Way as a Landowner

For landowners and habitat partners interested in finding out more about Carolinian Canada's Landowner Leader Program
Presented by Kelly Johnson
Tuesday, March 31, Noon, 2015 - Completed!

Watch the recording on our YouTube Chanel

Download a PDF of the slideshow

Learn More about the Landowner Leaders Program

EcoTrails and powerful messages
Tips to maximize the impact of your message for biodiversity awareness and community engagement
Presented by Bronwen Buck
Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Collaborative Conservation Action Planning
Introduction to one of the largest ecosystem recovery programs in Canada
September 22, Noon, 2015

Big Picture Guest Lectures
November 2015

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