Carolinian Canada is recruiting Directors for the Board!

Are you a healthy landscape leader? 

Carolinian Canada Coalition (CCC) is looking for diverse, innovative, ‘Big Picture’ thinkers to join the Board of Directors. Recipient of the International Finance for the Future 2022 Climate Leader Award, CCC is expanding its community to address the climate and biodiversity crises with proactive nature-smart solutions in southern Ontario.  


Innovative. Inspired. Connected.  

Join a network of leaders growing healthy landscapes for a green future in the spirit and practice of reconciliation. CCC's mission is to collaborate for healthy ecosystems in the Carolinian Zone.  

CCC Directors work towards systems change in the environment sector to accelerate the growth of healthy habitat. Our current directions enable leaders, grow connections, and track impact to reverse the trend of habitat loss.   


Science-based. Strategic. Sustainable. 

CCC recognizes that conservation can’t be successful without reconciliation. CCC’s current flagship programs include Indigenous Leadership, the Conservation Impact Bond (CIB), the Southern Ontario Seed Strategy (SOSS), and In the Zone (ITZ). 


Make impact. 

CCC Directors make a difference by connecting at multiple scales: 

  • Connect worldviews while supporting truth and reconciliation 
  • Lead a vision for collective impact across a network of 300 groups and 7,000 volunteers  
  • Work with a dynamic and committed team 
  • Foster strategic local action that supports 14 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 
  • Connect sectors for greater collective impact 
  • Connect science to practical action on the ground  

CCC’s Big Picture vision aims to 

  • Save healthy habitat for 500+ rare and endangered species and wildlife 
  • Protect drinking water for 11 M people 
  • Protect way of life for 25% of Canadians by supporting productive farms, clean air, green jobs, and safer climate-smart communities. 


Who is at the table? 

CCC’s Directors come together on the Board for a shared passion for nature in the Carolinian Zone, stretching from Toronto to Windsor. The Board reflects our member structure including groups and individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, from Indigenous and research to agriculture and business leaders. 

The CCC Board connects worldviews to address shared challenges and opportunities for a healthy future. The CCC Board holds safe and ethical space for leaders with interests, passions, and values that align with the work of CCC and have diverse connections.

Nine seats are currently open, and we are seeking perspectives in: 

  • First Nations and Indigenous communities 
  • Habitat stewardship 
  • Agriculture and other land use sectors 
  • Government, land-use planning, policy 
  • Ecosystem accounting, finance, business, impact investment 
  • Outreach and behavioural/ social marketing 
  • Charity governance 
  • Racialized communities 
  • Youth 
  • Science and research 

CCC values diversity and inclusion and encourages all qualified applicants of diverse backgrounds, expertise, and ages to apply, including Indigenous peoples, visible minorities, women, persons with disabilities, and members of sexual minority groups.  



A CCC Director is committed to the work of the Coalition and meaningfully contributes through quarterly board meetings, dynamic committee work, and activating connections.  

As a governance board, Directors lead policies and strategic directions to advance a joint conservation strategy for a healthy ecoregion. The Board supports an active team and network of partners fostering healthy landscapes with high-quality habitat and native plants. Directors are volunteers and may be supported by a member organization. 

Directors serve for a three-year term. Directors may be elected for two consecutive three-year terms. 

A Director job description is available by request. 


Next Steps 

Nominations may be received from group or individual members. You may forward a resume to by April 30, 2023 for consideration for the election slate. Elections by the membership are scheduled for June 22, 2023 at a virtual AGM. 

We welcome inquiries. For more information, please contact 

Read more about Carolinian Canada and the Current CCC Board.

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