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Energize Your Community - Leaders Fact Sheet

Energize Your Community

In The Zone

What’s good for nature is good for people.

Help your community grow healthy, climate-smart neighbourhoods with a unique engagement program. Join a network of In the Zone Leaders to connect 15,000 gardeners to grow Canada’s Biggest Wildlife Garden, together.


Lead the way for healthy wildlife, water and ways of life in your community. As we approach the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, growing healthy habitat supports 10 Sustainable Development Goals and makes good sense for the economy, environment and community.

Lead the Challenge.

Whether you are starting from scratch or building on a successful program, you can use In the Zone to track and celebrate efforts to grow healthy habitat using native plants. In the Zone empowers community champions to connect with the science and resources supporting Canada’s largest ecosystem recovery effort. Lead the challenge to amplify your community’s contributions for healthy habitat and thriving communities.

Meet your guides.

Carolinian Canada is a coalition of leaders growing healthy landscapes from Toronto to Windsor. World Wildlife Fund Canada creates solutions to the environmental challenges that matter most for Canadians. Together, they created In the Zone to guide individuals to take simple action to contribute to a better future. Rooted in best ecological science and practices, the program helps leaders connect their communities to the most cost-efficient solution for biodiversity and climate resilience – growing native plants.

Connect to get started

Send us your expression of interest to become a Zone Leader.


photos (left-to-right): Lisa Mason, Brian Lasenby, Kelly McConnell, Brian Lasenby, Lisa Mason

Lead the Growth of Canada’s Biggest Wildlife Garden

Together, we aim to Grow Canada’s Biggest Wildlife Garden by connecting 15,000 gardeners to In the Zone by 2022 to track and celebrate their contributions to:

  • SAVE nature – protect and enhance
  • STEWARD healthy landscapes – manage multi-use lands with best practices to protect local ecosystems
  • SEED native plants – grow and restore high-quality habitat
  • LEAD resilient communities – support the growth of an ethical, local native plant industry

Ask about our targeted support services and special launch rates

We offer customized engagement support and experiences that align with your unique goals.
More engagement = more impact = healthier landscapes.

Training and resources

Expert support

In the Zone Leaders manual & orientation session

Expert garden consultation

Promotional toolkit

Customized training and visioning

Garden signs for your registered gardeners

Curated plant lists and garden designs

Eco-literacy activities to inspire your network

Support for certification

Locally grown, ethically sourced seed packets

Display materials

Unique experiences e.g. Forest Therapy, BioBlitz, Garden Tours, Garden stewardship


Impact & Recognition

Community of Practice

Customized Collective Impact report

Event discounts and networking for registered gardeners

‘Leader board’ of healthy garden points & prize pack

Access high quality native plants and seeds

Recognition based on level of impact

Subsidies for special projects as available

Sponsorship opportunities

Lead the Challenge. Become a Zone Leader to count your community’s efforts in Canada’s Biggest Wildlife Garden. Get resources curated by experts to guide even the most inexperienced gardeners to grow beautiful, climate-smart habitat for wildlife. Network with leaders and experts year-round.

Inspire. Track your collective impact and using customized data reports to recognize and celebrate your contributions to healthy landscapes. Amplify your impact with healthy competition and great perks for your healthy gardeners.

Empower. Equip your team to make a big impact. Invest in customized training, events and experiences to increase connection, capacity and eco-literacy across your community.

Innovate. Leverage your experience to get more native plants on the landscape. Collaborate for special projects to share native plants, co-create climate-smart habitat for wildlife and pollinators on-site with employees, facilitate the sale of native plants to elevate your impact for healthy ecosystems.

Accelerate. Help your gardeners grow their Healthy Garden Points. Participate in Healthy Landscape Awards to recognize leaders across the Zone.

Connect to get started

Send us your expression of interest to become a Zone Leader.