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Carolinian Canada Grieves for Indigenous Children Affected by Residential Schools


Some information detailed on this page may trigger unpleasant feelings or thoughts. If you or a loved one have been affected by residential schools and need someone to talk to, consider reaching out to the Indian Residential School Survivor's Society

Carolinian Canada grieves for 215 and thousands of other Indigenous children affected by the residential school system imposed by Canada to destroy connections between children and their families, culture, language, traditional knowledge, traditional territories and mother earth.

Our hearts ache for Indigenous communities, groups and individuals in our network and beyond. The recent discovery of murdered and buried children in British Columbia is a horrifying reminder of the genocide, abuse and racism suffered by Indigenous people through colonization, past and present.

First Nations have lived, learned and thrived off this sacred land for many generations including the Anishinaabe, the Haudenosaunee, the Lunaapeew, the Wendat and the Mississauga.

This year, we are honoured to listen and support Indigenous youth to lead the conversation in the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration through their art, stories and social media, in partnership our 2021 Indigenous Voices Forum Committee.

We will continue to work to heal lands and waters of Deshkan Ziibi, Waawayaataning and the Carolinian Zone; and support all people to grow healthy landscapes for seven generations to honour past children and help children thrive today and in the future.

In memory and deep sympathy, Carolinian Canada will provide 215 Wild Garden Kits to Indigenous people and communities across this region with Indigenous seeds smudged by Danielle Hill and art by Robin Henry at Antler River Press.

We urge all in our network to uncover and listen to truth, support Indigenous leadership and work with us to strengthen cross-cultural and inter-generational connections to discuss issues that matter to everyone.