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Search for Board Nominations

Dear Carolinian Canada members and friends,

Carolinian Canada Coalition has undergone tremendous growth and realized many successes in the last few years, thanks in no small part our current Chair, Dr. Gordon Nelson and a strong board of directors. In spring 2013, Dr. Nelson’s term as Chair will be coming to a close, along with other directors of the Coalition. We thank Dr. Nelson for his tireless efforts in creating a dynamic and growing organization and now must look to future leaders of the Coalition.

Although the Coalition has operated in various forms since 1984, we were formally incorporated in 2006 with limited director terms, resulting in a greater number of vacancies on the board this year, than in previous years.

As you can appreciate, the search for new directors is key to our continued success. The Coalition offers opportunities for people with Big Picture vision, a passion for the Carolinian Canada mission, an enthusiasm for tackling major conservation issues in the zone, an interest in collaborating across sectors and leading innovative programs from Toronto to Windsor.

Directors oversee the mission, goals, objectives, policies, programs, and projects of Carolinian Canada Coalition and sit as volunteers, who may or may not be linked to a member group. Comprised of existing board members, an Officer Search Committee has been formed to identify potential nominations by March, to allow time for final consultations before the May Annual General Meeting.

We are casting the net widely for nominations. Coalition supporters, members & friends, like you, hold a wealth of contacts across the Carolinian Zone, and we look to you for suggestions of candidates that you may know or work with. Please help us in our search for the next board of the Carolinian Canada Coalition!

If you know of a suitable candidate, please contact Michelle Kanter, Executive Director, or the Search Committee through

Thank you!

Carolinian Canada Coalition Officer Search Committee

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