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9 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Right Now

1) Wear a sweater- turn down the heat

Or buy a programmable thermostat to control temperatures when you are not home or at night from your smart phone! Some programmable smart- thermostats will actually learn your habits and change the temperature for you, reducing the amount of energy wasted.

Join the movement! Each year on the first Thursday of February, Canada holds its ‘National Sweater Day’! According to WWF-Canada, over one million Canadians have taken part in ‘National Sweater Day’ since 2010. On this day every year, Canadians are donning their sweaters and turning down the heat in order to combat climate change. For more tips on how to host a fundraiser or get more involved, check out WWF’s Community Fundraising page. Remember, this doesn’t have to be just one day a year!
Through this, and many other initiatives, WWF-Canada is committed to seeing Canada use 100 per cent renewable energy by 2050.

2) Reduce your use of single use plastics

travel coffee mug

Bring reusable cloth bags with you to the grocery store, carry a water bottle and coffee travel mug with you wherever you go. Cook home-made dinners at home and avoid buying pre-packaged foods. It’s healthier, less expensive and better for the environment. If you can’t avoid using them, make sure you responsibly dispose of them, or reuse them in a home project. 

Check out this youtube video to find out what actually happens to that platic water bottle you only used once.

3) Explore alternative ways to get to work

Walk, bike, or take public transit to work. It’s a great way to increase your daily physical activity, catch up on your favourite podcasts or audio books and spend more time outside. Check out this list of featured environmental focused podcasts to make your walks, bike and transit rides inspiring and educational.

4) Support Green Businesses

compost, recycle, waste

Support green businesses who consider the environment when producing or serving their products. Go to the coffee shop that has a compost bin on site or the restaurant that uses local farmers for their food supplier. The number of businesses that engage in environmentally sustainable practices is growing. Show them your support by switching your routine and using those businesses instead of a large box retailer. This compost bin was found at Innovation Works, a shared office space focusing on social innovation and socially good businesses!

5) Shop at thrift stores instead of buying new

By shopping at thrift stores, not only are you going to save some money, but also you’re going to save the landfill and in turn reduce the amount of carbon that gets pumped into the environment. Check out this article by One Green Planet about why thrift shopping helps the planet and ups your cool factor.

6) Connect with nature, the more you connect with nature, the more you'll want to preserve it.

canoe trip

What are you doing this Saturday? Check out the listing of conservation areas within the Lower Thames Conservation Authority that will help you get outside and explore Carolinian Canada’s wild places! The Lower Thames Conservation Authorities is just one example of the many wild places you can visit across the zone.

7) Shop local farmers markets

By shopping local, you’re not only sustaining the local economy, the food you purchase travels far less of a distance to get on your plate. Doing so reduces the carbon footprint of your dinner and will leave you feeling full. Full of sustainability! If in the London, Ontario area, check out the Western Fair Farmers Market each Saturday or check out the outdoor farmers market at Covent Garden Market each May-December. Want to find out where you can purchase farm fresh food in your area? Check out this resource by Ontario CSA Farm Directory. 

8) Create a climate smart garden! 

native plant garden

Plant native plants as they are best adapted to the climatic conditions of your region reducing nutrient and water inputs while creating wildlife habitat. To learn more about planting a native plant garden visit In The Zone Gardens, made in partnership with Carolinian Canada Coalition and WWF-Canada. Don’t forget to register your garden and track your garden’s progress! Or check out this post by ReForest London on why planting native tree species in your yard is critical to the health of our urban areas, plus it’ll save you some money as well! WIN WIN! 

9) Come to Go Wild Grow Wild and Buy a premium ticket!

Go Wild Grow Wild event speaker

On April 7th of 2018, join the largest gathering of the region’s businesses, experts, organizations, and groups committed to growing a greener future. Go Wild Grow Wild has been inspiring attendees to discover wild places, grow great gardens and live green in Carolinian Canada for the last several years. With over 100+ exhibitors, speakers and experts, you will walk away with the knowledge and tools you need to create a healthier, greener future for you and your family! Check out our website for more details and make sure you come on April 7th! Make sure to purchase a Premium Go Wild Grow Wild ticket for your chance to have wild life encounter and more! Stay tuned...
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