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Exploring Innovative Investments for Grassroots Initiatives

Shifting the Paradigm Forum 2022-2023

Seeding Relationships to Heal the Land - Virtual Forum Event Series
Shifting the Paradigm 2022 - 2023

Part 6: Exploring Innovative Investments for Grassroots Initiatives

May 17, 2023 from 1 - 3:00 pm

This conversation will explore innovative ideas and investment opportunities that recognize the value of nature and the work that Indigenous communities have been doing in stewardship on the land since time immemorial.

We need innovative investment solutions that can support grassroots and Indigenous-led initiatives for sustainable community finance, healthy landscapes, and working with and supporting Indigenous communities in the future.

Panelists will discuss barriers in the funding space, the potential of new finance models, and their vision for investing in healthy landscapes and communities in the future. We will shine a light on what these funding solutions could look like to support Indigenous autonomy and access on the land, two-eyed seeing and co-creation, nature-based solutions, ethical space, and reconciliation.



Before you join us in this safe space, please review the following resources.

  1. Meet the Speakers
  2. Carolinian Canada’s Commitment to Creating Ethical and Safe Spaces
  3. Carolinian Canada's Accountability Statement (below)
  4. What is Intersectionality? (Kimberlé Crenshaw, Applying it to Environmentalism, + the Start of IE) - YouTube
    Background on “Intersectionality”
  5. Environmental Racism in Canada | The Canadian Encyclopedia
    Dr Waldron's work on Environmental Racism in Canadian context

Carolinian Canada's Accountability Statement

Deeping the practice of truth, reconciliation and healing means we acknowledge the historical and present-day impact that colonization has had on the Indigenous people of this land, from genocidal policies and actions to ongoing systemic racism to the relentless eradication of native habitat, flora and fauna across the landscape. In solidarity with Indigenous people, we are accountable in our activities, we have built and prioritized relationships with First Nations communities and organizations, Carolinian Canada has provided in-kind and financial resources to Indigenous-led projects most recently through the Conservation Impact Bond and have helped build capacity for stewardship. By listening and integrating Indigenous leadership into our organizational structures, we continue to deepen our understanding of these impacts. We are working together in the true practice of reconciliation to dismantle colonial policies and practices and create a just and equitable future for all living beings of this land.