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Fingal Wildlife Management Area

The Fingal Wildlife Management Area was once a military base that was acquired from the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) in 1965, and has since been restored to wildlife habitat and opened for the public hunting of upland game birds.  At 293 hectares, and scattered with 27 km of trails, the site is, popular with naturalists and outdoor enthusiasts who can come to see the remnants of the RCAF base, wildflowers, birds and other wildlife.   

The restoration of the site has been a long process that has included the removal of military infrastructure and the restoration of the natural area. Ponds we constructed, trees and shrubs were planted, and hedgerows, food and cover plots and brush piles we created. Along with deciduous and coniferous forests and plantations, tallgrass prairies and ponds, the site contains approximately 160 hectares of active agricultural land that is used for demonstration purposes.

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