Business & Government – We connect private and public sector market interests to the market value of sustainability and healthy landscapes.

Sustainability can be a source of competitive advantage, providing benefits such as decreased operation costs; decreased organizational risk; increased employee & citizen engagement; improved environmental outcomes; retention and talent attraction; and improved public image and brand value.

Impact Investors - We use a conservation finance model to connect investors to a financial investment with social, environmental and cultural benefit.

With strong financial underpinnings and proven business model, we have seen an increased interest in investments with environmental outcomes. The Conservation Impact Bond, a debt investment, offers a quality opportunity to manage market risk and align a portfolio’s impact strategy.

If you are a business or investor interested in learning more, please contact us to discuss partnership opportunities in the Southern Ontario region.

Core to our mandate is working with:

  • First Nations - We center Indigenous and First Nations leadership to reorient our shared efforts to advance Indigenous-led conservation in the spirit of reconciliation and decolonization. Learn more about this approach through Conservation through Reconciliation.

  • Habitat Growers- We leverage Canada’s largest ecosystem recovery network of partners and landowners to equitably scale-up high-quality habitat using shared standards and goals.

  • Evaluators – We are evaluated by a 3rd party to verify outcomes. The CIB also provides unique real-world opportunities for research and monitoring to drive greater understanding of how we can collaborate to steward healthy landscapes and connected communities.

Conservation Impact Bond