Financing Conservation in the Carolinian Zone, Part 2: The Long Point Walsingham Forest Conservation Impact Bond

Following the success of Phase I’s capital raise, we’re excited to announce the proposed Phase II Long Point Walsingham Forest CIB. Phase II marks a significant expansion of the initiative from Phase I, and will be focused on raising capital to finance the habitat improvement of 250 acres of land in the Long Point Walsingham Forest Priority Place. This habitat renewal initiative will be focused principally on protecting the habitats of the 30 designated Species-at-Risk which call the Carolinian Zone home.

What is the opportunity with the Long Point Walsingham Forest CIB?

The Long Point Walsingham Forest Priority Place is one of 11 regions across Canada that have been designated as a natural priority place by Environment and Climate Change Canada in 2017, and the only federally designated priority place in Ontario. A priority place is defined as being “an area of high biodiversity value that is seen as a distinct place with a common ecological theme by the people who live and work there.”

The region, which spans between Norfolk, Halton, and Niagara in southern Ontario, was selected as a priority place as it contains a high level of biodiversity, significant numbers of species at risk, a concentration of mobilized and engaged conservation organizations, and the existence of substantial environmental pressures.

Like the Phase I Deshkan Ziibi CIB, the Long Point Walsingham Forest CIB will engage with impact investors, local service delivery partners, and outcomes payers to facilitate the renewal of identified habitat within the Carolinian Zone.

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